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Immer wieder erreichen uns Zuschriften von kreuzfahrtbegeisterten Lesern, die uns bitten, auch mal in englischer Sprache zu schreiben. Gerne kommen wir diesem Wunsch nach und berichten heute über die besten, luxuriösesten Kreuzfahrten, die angeboten werden. Diese Reisen richten sich an alle, die sich etwas ganz besonderes gönnen möchten und auf Intimität und kleinere Schiffe Wert legen.

This article is in english

This article is in english

Suppose you want to travel the globe comparing the greens of Thailand with the greens of Ireland, both places famed for beauty. An exciting way to see distant lands is to take a cruise. Like going around the world in a floating hotel, complete with cuisine and entertainment, swimming and sunshine on deck. Choices range from enormous luxurious to more intimate luxurious to small and relaxed. You can plan your destinations to see the grand places of history or the out-of-the way and unusual, like the Andaman islands or the Maldives. You can even buy a fully-equipped apartment on the World cruiser instead of a vacation home in Aspen, Colorado or Monacco, France. You can pick up the continuous world tour wherever and whenever you choose and stay for a minimum of 3 nights or continue the cruise for 6 months.

If you find safety in numbers and enjoy the excitement of the city, you must consider the most famous of mega luxury liners, the Cunard Cruise Line, whose liners bear the names of the impeccable English queens: like the Queen Mary and the Queen Victoria. Now retired the Queen Elizabeth 2 is permanently docked in Dubai destined to serve as an elegant hotel. In business for more than a century, this cruise line is known for having everything aboard and in sophisticated excess. Imagine a 24-7 floating cabaret of activity; guests swimming and basking in the sun by day who by night dress for dinner, enjoy full-cast musical theater productions, followed by a visit to the casino or to one of the intimate piano bars. Experience a leisurely Transatlantic Crossing on the Queen Mary 2 with time to read a good book from their on-board library and take in lectures on the famous sites you are about to see first hand. The Cunard ships are known for their service and their splendor.

The Regent Seven Seas Cruise ships as their name implies touch all seven continents, visiting over 300 destinations. Though grand and sophisticated, they accommodate only a few hundred guests. To make them feel at home and relaxed, yet pampered is the goal of the staff. All their ships rate six stars. Their established routes will carry guests to Africa, home to the man-made wonders of Egypt as well as to the natural beauty of the lower continent and continuing to the Indian Ocean. Regent Seven ships sail throughout the Far East from icy Russia in the north to New Zealand in the south, including a pass through the warm seas of French Polynesia.

The Crystal Cruises receive the highest marks as the World’s Best Large Cruise Line. Their ships, Crystal Cruise Serenity and Crystal Cruise Symphony create an atmosphere of reliability in which the guest can relax, enjoying the unique spaciousness, spectacular service and amazing choices available to them. Traveling the world, The Crystal Cruise Line will be wherever you want to visit from the Galapagoes to the South Sea islands. Follow the trade routes of old, sail from the ancient religious sites of Thailand to the impressively modern city of Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur, where the city planners take seriously the land-saving concept of beautiful high-rises and parklands between them.

The Silversea Cruise ships are smaller and by design more intimate in their service. Enter the romance of the Silver Cloud, Silver Wind, ahhhh!, the Silver Whisper or the Silver Shadow. Sundrenched yachts gliding across the Sea to exotic destinations. They have already established routes around Africa and into the Indian Ocean, stopping along the way for incredible on-land excursions. They sail from China and Japan through Southeast Asia with its neighboring islands to Australia and New Zealand and returning with a glimpse of the tiny traditional island of Bali where every day is a festival. The magnificence of the ever-changing ocean can be seen from all staterooms while the guests live in the lap of luxury.

Seabourn Cruises are ultra-luxurious yachts, nearly one-to-one staff to guests. The number of guests is limited to 104 couples. Each ship’s appointments and staterooms are of the finest quality. The Guest may choose to visit the pyramids of Egypt or the markets of Dubai, or perhaps both, get sand on his feet from the beach or visit the temples of ancient peoples. The staff is accommodating and friendly. Both the Silversea and the Seabourn ships have been known to visit the less frequented destination of the Andaman islands in the Indian ocean with their beautiful sunny beaches. A permit to visit must be arranged in advance, so disembarking is a very special treat.

No list is complete without mentioning two of the oldest, most established lines. The Royal Caribbean Cruises and Holland America. Do not let the name Royal Caribbean mislead you. Both of these lines are world travelers and innovators in entertainment and on-land excursions. Royal Caribbean will be featuring a full-cast presentation of the musical “Chicago” in 2010. Holland American is known for encouraging entire families to tour together. If you want your children to learn the history and culture of the places they visit, Holland America is especially suited to your needs. Both lines travel to Asian destinations.

Azamara Cruises as the name suggests offers unusual destinations while still maintaining luxury standards. Every stateroom has a butler; fresh flowers and fruit appear daily. Shore adventures are designed to make its participants more than tourists, but rather true travelers, part of the sights and scenes of each city and village. On-ship weddings are spectacular. Two restaurants to satisfy the epicure or the gourmand with nightly entertainment.

The Atoll Explorer offers an unusual cruise. The ship takes only 40 guests. Operating out of the Maldives, these small yet comfortable and well-run ships offer the traveler opportunities to dive in the ocean waters and experience the wonders of the bountiful sea life, as well as to enjoy the company of their fellow divers. Relaxed and casual is the order of the day and the night.

And don’t forget The World in case you fall so in love with cruising that you want to buy your own apartment on the ship. You can rent it out when you’re not using it, but it will always be there when you need a home on the seas. But beware, these ultra-luxurious appartments come at a price.

A luxury cruise may cost up to 20,000 Euro or it can be half that much. Small journeys can be taken for under 300 Euro. If you look for a good and reliable travel agent dont look further. It will be our pleasure to find the cruise of your dreams, no matter if you have big or small budget.

Ganz viel Meer zu kleinen Preisen: Das und viel mehr bei, Ihrem Partner für Seereisen auf allen Kontinenten.

Ganz viel Meer zu kleinen Preisen: Das und viel mehr bei, Ihrem Partner für Seereisen auf allen Kontinenten.

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